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Galapagos Islands holidays

Galapagos holidays are unlike any other trip a person can take around the world, we invite you to take a virtual tour through the land of Darwin´s wake.

Discover the Galapagos Islands that inspired the young scientist and join us on a trip through each Island and its intircacies.

We have created this website to expose the holiday possibilities in the Galapagos Islands, we have created a complete travel guide for you to use when planning a trip to Ecuador and its "Enchanted Isles". We want to share our natural heritage with likeminded people who see travel as a means of enriching one´s lives and feeding the intellect by taking distinctive voyages that change ones viewpoint forever.

The content we have created for this Galapagos website offers you many tools for your trip:

  • Islands descriptions and information on wildlife, marine life, scuba diving and nature tourism to the Galapagos archipelago.
  • Information on Charles Darwin´s studies and how he came to relate the unique species of these Islands to evolution.
  • Darwin yacht details and a description of the trips we offer on this private boat. How to charter or join one of our fixed departures.
  • Ecuador holidays suggestions to extend your trip to the Galapagos further into the Andes, Amazon and beaches by the Equator.
  • Trip planner, a complete travel advisor for organizing your Galapagos & Ecuador holiday - flight information, lodging, transportation and other details and tips to help you put together an easy, safe and fun journey.
  • Galapagos Holidays booking center, we offer you a full trip reservation service where our expert advisors (who live in Ecuador) will create a custom trip for you and your travel companions.

You will find all this information and more throughout our website, once your done reading through you we are sure you will be enticed to join us in this land of everchanging natural wonders and adaptive species.

We invite you to get in contact with us and we will offer you our person to person service, guide you through the booking process and be available for you before, during and after your trip. We will even act as your local bilingual representatives in Ecuador should the occassion arise.

We hope you enjoy our website and decide on a Galapagos holiday on board the Darwin yacht.